Grain Dryers & Heaters

Due to moist conditions during harvest in the Midwest, Dryers and Heaters have become very popular.

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Competitor 100 Series Dryers
Simple Operation ... Outstanding Performance.
These single fan dryers feature microprocessor based controls with computer assisted operation and automated load and unload capabilities. The Series 100 computer control eliminates 99% of all moving parts in the control box, such as troublesome timers, mechanical relays, thermostats and time delays. Available in 13 models ranging in capacities from 120bph to 1155bph, these dryers are a reliable, system for today's demanding drying applications.

GSI Fans & Heaters
GSI manufactures a complete line of aeration and grain conditioning systems to help maintain grain quality. Choose from a variety of high efficiency vane axial, centifugal and inline centrifugal fans and heaters all with features designed to reduce cost and boost performance.

Tower Dryers
The GSI Tower dryer design utilizes industry proven drying principles along with many unique features to provide the commercial user with a simple, reliable, fuel efficient grain drying system.
X-STREAM™ Series Dryers
The New X-STREAM™ grain dryer balances heat throughout the drying process minimizing grain damage and producing better quality results compared to traditional grain drying.
Network Series Dryers
GSI's Network series grain dryers are available in 1,2,3,4 and 6 fan models and feature one of the most intelligent control systems on the market today. The simplification of GSI's Network series grain dryers and a state-of-the-art control system capable of monitoring a comprehensive set of safety controls and dryer functions puts these dryers truly in a class all their own.

VISION Network Dryer Controls
A new era in network dryer controls.  The Vision system lets you control all dryer functions from one location with an easy to use touch screen monitor. Look to the future of Network Dryer Control, the GSI Vision.

Vision Control Features:

  • 10.4" TFT Diagonal Color Screen (Touch Screen Control)
  • No Moving Parts (Timers, Time delays, Thermostats)
  • 32 Bit Microprocessor Control
  • Each Safety monitored individually and displayed on screen
  • All shut-downs logged with time and date
  • Remote control box with 7-16 gauge wires
  • Safety Disconnect on every dryer
  • Low voltage safety circuit
  • Flash Memory Card to transfer Data to home computer
  • Optional Printer

Moisture Control:

  • Forward looking using temperature control 2/3 through dryer and capacitive control on fill and unload
  • Integrated into Main Control of Dryer
  • Graphing and Time Stamping