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This GSI bin sits on a circular concrete pad.

The first ring has been assembled and then the roof was built and attached to it. After this point, a ring of jacks will be stationed around the building and temporarily attached to it with bolts. 

These jacks will lift the building each time it's ready to have another ring assembled and bolted underneath.

Summer 2009:
New photos of our building projects

Some people don't realize that a grain bin, unlike many other buildings, is built from the top down.  First the TOP ring of the bin is constructed on a circular concrete pad.  Then the roof is assembled atop this ring.  After this, we use hydraulic jacks and connect them to the top ring, and lift this ring and roof up a few feet so that we can assemble another ring underneath.  Then we jack the bin up another few feet and repeat.

Eventually we assemble the last (bottom) ring, and connect it to the concrete pad courtesy of the large bolt tie-downs we set into the concrete when it was poured.

You may have noticed our saying: "We build Bins from the ground up," even though you've just read that grain bins are built "top down."  What we mean is, 'we do it all'.  From pouring concrete to assembling a bin, to sub-ing the electrical or gas hook-ups, etc.  

But back to "Build Photos," we plan on creating a time-lapse video to showcase the process this summer, along with photos. 

Be sure to check out the "Site Planning" page, which has more images and interactive features.  If you have suggestions for us, we're happy to read them.  Click here to submit a suggestion.

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